Brian Barthelmess

Brian Barthelmess

Board of Directors

Why did you get involved with Pauly's Project?
Having always had a desire to volunteer and help the homeless in any way that I could; I stumbled across the IG page of Pauly’s project where I was able to see that their organization was not only involved in helping those in need, but I also shared a commonality in that like my son, the founder’s son who inspired the movement of Pauly’s project was autistic.  I could understand through some of my own experiences where the desire came from to help others and being a part of that resonated with me and my wife.

What is your proudest moment in being involved with Pauly's Project?
My proudest moment is seeing the number of volunteers that come out multiple times each month to give of their time and energy to help others.

What keeps you passionate about being a Board Member/Advisory Member for Pauly's Project?
Knowing that we are making a difference in so many individuals lives.  Some are impacted through the food and living items we are able to provide, where others are impacted by the helping hand we offer them to get them off the streets and into a permanent living situation.

How is Pauly's Project helping fix our homeless issues in Los Angeles?
Pauly’s project uses the constant relationship building they are able to develop by visiting these homeless communities on a bi-weekly basis where they are able to instill trust and hope with these individuals who desire to get off the streets but don’t know how.  Our job is to be a resource and guide them through this process.

How do you see Pauly's Project expanding in other services or locations in Southern California?
Homelessness that was once though of as being an inter-city problem has made its way out to the many of the suburbs in Southern California.  The need for Pauly’s project to reach these communities is more important than ever as many of them do not have any of the resources available to them that are found servicing the inter-city areas.

What are Pauly's Project future plans to help fix homelessness in Southern California?
To generate more funding to help expand our reach and impact throughout Southern California and to create an easier transition getting people off the streets and into housing and work.

How does Pauly's Project differentiate itself from other organizations out there?
A few different ways; one Pauly’s project is mobile, so we take our resources and services to the people.  We don’t make them have to come to us.  We also operate with a very consistent schedule.  Where other organizations are probably more sporadic in how they help others, Pauly’s project is out in the streets at a minimum of 2 times a month, with a variety of other large community events mixed in as well.  Pauly’s project was founded through one individuals own experiences with his blind and autistic son which has given him a heart and compassion to drive his organization that most others will never understand or measure up to.

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