Lifting the spirits of the homeless through music.

Paul Avila’s son, Pauly, born blind and autistic, could only be calmed with the sound of music in his ears. As a young boy, Paul would accompany his mother to Downtown Los Angeles to bring food and clothes to his uncle on skid row. Remembering how good he felt when he gave food and clothing to the less fortunate; it was a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling stayed with Paul as he grew up.

A photo of Paul and Pauly helping the homeless community

A look at the statistics

More people than ever are becoming homeless in Los Angeles and our mission is to help in any way possible. We look for every opportunity to help our neighbors in need, with an end goal of decreasing the numbers below.



The amount of homeless individuals in the city of Los Angeles.



Among those who are homeless, nearly 70% live unsheltered.



Approximately 38% of individuals are chronically homeless.



The percentage increase in homeless individuals since last year.

Let's make a difference together.

Our core mission is to improve the lives of homeless individuals and families through our street outreach program, which has evolved immensely over the years. Below is a list of items we donate monthly to nearly 400 people.

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Food and Utensils

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Water & Drinks

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Toilet Paper

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Zip-Lock Bags

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Hygiene Kits

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Pet Food

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Shoes & Socks

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Hand Sanitizer

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Wipes and More